Thursday, 23 June 2011

Foreign Direct Investment in Colombia

The development of emerging countries no only depends of their own economic policies but also from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from other strong economies. This is reason of the abrupt increased, in the past few decades, of the competition around the globe for Foreign Direct Investment.

As a clear example, Colombia has managed to achieve strength in their own economy thought the international relations that has developed with Unites States and Europe. The FDI in the country is a sourcing of foreign capital. As well as this, has increased the employment opportunities, new skills and knowledge for their own people. These consequences, which are very positive, are not automatic it also depend of the internal policies and their ability to adjust the policies to the new economic challenges.

Over the years Colombia has been affected by violence and international bad reputation as a result of the drug dealing actions accomplished by terrorist groups against the law, such as FARC, very well known internationally.

Looking at the history of Colombian, different governments have tried to minimize the effect of these activities on the national economy, without a positive result. Although the two last governments and its security services team have managed to minimize the production and trading of drugs over the world and now other South American countries have taken the lead on this kind of activities.

These significant advances are the result of new internal governmental, economic and criminal policies and also the continuous advise and economic help from United States , in which the implementation of new programs and strategies has lead in practically a totally new country.

Colombia is the third largest country in Latin America in terms of population and the first in natural resources. The improvement in terms of security and economic growth has improved the foreign interest in the country. In 2010, Foreign Direct Investment in Colombia reached $6.4 billion a 19.7% rise compared to the same period in 2009.

The country has many products to offer internationally in terms of trading. On one hand, in terms of exportation the country main products are petroleum, coffee, coal, emeralds, nickel, bananas and flowers. On the other hand, in terms of importation Colombia has interest on Industrial Equipment, transport equipment, energy products, fuel, etc.

The United States is the biggest supply of new foreign direct investment (FDI) in Colombia, particularly in mining, energy sector, legal advised, communication infrastructure, health industry and hydrocarbon projects. The only activities blocked to foreign direct investment are defence, national security, and disposal of hazardous wastes.


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