Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Claudia Ortiz-Fonseca Professional Profile

Claudia Ortiz-Fonseca is a Colombian lawyer and a qualified Spanish Lawyer. Member of the Barcelona Bar association and based in the UK.

Claudia obtained her law degree from the Saint Tomas University of Bogota, specializing in Criminal Law and later trained as a specialist in Economic Integration at the University of Salamanca, Spain.

She held different positions in the public sector as an Analyst in Human rights and International Humanitarian Law at the Colombian Military Headquarters and she was a legal advisor to The Colombian Air Force, Law professor for a Military University and then a Director of the District of Bogota high security Jail. Her final appointment in Bogota was as Mayor of a District in Bogota (Usaquén) -a locality with a population of five hundred thousand people-.

In the private sector she was an Executive Vice-President for the firm Philippe de LaCroix Associés in Zurich, a firm specialising in Swiss private banking.

In 2007 she created her own law practice known as Ortiz-Fonseca & Abogados, where she was a Specialist Property Consultant, for high net worth individuals buying and selling in Spain.

As a Spanish Lawyer she can assist with any aspect of doing business in Spain, but her specialty is advising British people who are buying or selling property in Spain. She is fluent in English as well as Spanish and has been consulting to UK nationals for some time under the banner www.ortiz-fonseca.com.

As a Colombian Lawyer she can advice in any legal matter related to commercial law, trading investment and business in general. I also have a very good knowledge of Latin American legislation in terms of trading matters.

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